Live Well Classes:  Overcoming Depression & Anxiety
Live Well Classes:  Overcoming Depression & Anxiety
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Live Well Classes: Overcoming Depression & Anxiety

01/14/2019 - 03/04/2019
Our Ladies Immaculate Heart Catholic Church, 510 E. 1st., Ankeny, Iowa
Jim White

The Ankeny Mental Health Ministry is again offering courses.  Two separate 8 week classes.

Easy-to-follow, clinically proven programs to add healthy habits  decrease the effects of these two debilitating conditions.  Adding one healthy habit each week during the 8-week course helps develop holistic habits that actually last. The atmosphere is informal, non-threatening and supportive. This system incorporates self-assessment, simple daily homework and group accountability to develop healthy habits.   Participants initially watch a video that reinforces that spiritual health backed by biological brain health can help reduce both depression and anxiety. Then video/discussion gives specifics of “why” each week’s healthy habit has such a positive effect on our brain.

Depression flyer here.

Anxiety flyer here.

Cost of the handbook is $5.

Classes are facilitated by Jim White, LMSW, and Dr. Kim Harmon, two health professionals

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