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Volunteer Your Stories - NAMI - Greater Des Moines
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Volunteer Your Stories

Written stories to NAMI Greater Des Moines

We compile stories that illustrate mental health issues. These can be anecdotes or human interest stories which help to identify important mental health issues and problems – stigma, lack of access to services, your story and struggle in dealing with mental illness, mental health problems of returning soldiers, importance of the right medications, lack of funding, etc – real stories of Iowans.

if you want your story to be archived on our website or published in our newsletter, a copy of your story should be sent to namigdm@gmail.com

Telling Your Story to Law Enforcement Officers

NAMI Greater helps in the planning of CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) training for law enforcement.  We arrange for panels of persons with mental illness, panels of family members, and panels of veterans.

If you want to participate on a panel to tell your story, please contact tbomhoff@mchsi.com

Grinnell College - Opportunity for Story Bank

Tell your Story!
Do you have mental health-related lived experience that you wish others understood? Now is your chance. We are collecting stories for a story bank that will be used to create Public Service Announcements on mental health issues. These PSA’s will be used to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and help explain complicated policy issues to the public through social media and when possible, traditional media.

Participants can share their story in writing, audio recording, or video recording and can determine whether or not to include identifying information. In other words, you can tell your story with the level of privacy with which you are most comfortable.

This story bank will be used in a Grinnell College course in which students produce brief PSA videos. Students will integrate personal narratives from the story bank with data stories about mental health policy in order to help people understand that we are talking about people, not numbers. The story bank will also be shared with partnering Iowa non-profit organizations for their use in creating PSA’s on issues related to mental health. (Contact me if your non-profit would like to be involved.)

How to participate:

Option 1: send your story to nyden@grinnell.edu or Tammy Nyden, Steiner Hall, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA, 50112 by August 10. (If you mail your story, please include a return address so I can send you a consent form to use your story.)

Option 2: contact me at nyden@grinnell.edu or 641-990-9974 to arrange a time for me to record your story before August 10.

We are open to hearing any stories that you want to tell. Some possible topics include:
• How Medicaid services affect your daily life.
• Use of seclusion or restraint in public schools.
• Use of isolation or non-medical prescription changes in the juvenile justice system, jails, or prison.
• Non-medical prescription switching (changes in prescriptions by health plans that are not made by a patient’s physician and are based on non-medical factors, such as cost)
• Access to appropriate accommodations at school or work
• The importance of mental health training for police, first responders in general, primary health care providers, and educators.

Both positive and negative stories are important. If something is working well, we want to hear it. If there are things that need to be changed, we need to hear that too.

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