Golf Tournament and Fundraisers - NAMI - Greater Des Moines
Golf Tournament and Fundraisers - NAMI - Greater Des Moines
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Golf Tournament and Fundraisers

Gallery Night in Valley Junction - Friday, April 13 - 5 to 9 PM

Gallery 218 in Valley Junction, West Des Moines - will host a NAMI GDM benefit evening with portrait selections from Kline-Misol’s Awakenings Project which shines a positive light on the recovery of those among us who have struggled with brain and addiction disorders.

Organizations such as NAMI play a critical role in stepping up to offer educational programs for the public which have shown to actually help family members and consumers manage the illness much better and reduce episodes.

The catalog which features 30 portraits and stories will be available that evening for a donation of $25.00 which will benefit NAMI GDM. 

The name of the show is “Selections from the Awakenings project 2011”


2018 NAMI Greater Des Moines Benefit Golf Tournament -  3nd Annual

 Toad Valley Golf Course - Friday, Sept. 14, 2018 

More information is forthcoming.

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