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Mental Health and the Holidays - NAMI - Greater Des Moines
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Mental Health and the Holidays

                 Make Sure to Pack These 8 Things If Visiting Family
                                 Is Hard on Your Mental Health

                                              The Mighty
1. Headphones - It might be best to keep them in your bag during dinner, but having headphones on hand ensures you’ll have a way to listen to your favorite playlist or escape into a podcast. Go for a walk, put your headphones in and take a few breaths.

2. An Extra Phone Charger - Bring an extra, extra phone charger, for that matter. Having a charged phone on hand means you can make phone calls to your support system when you need to or use whatever self-care tools you have downloaded on your phone.

3. Something to Do With Your Hands - If you’re feeling uncomfortable in a room full of people, having something to do with your hands can be a relaxing way to keep busy while staying in the presence of your family.

4. A Comfort Item - If changing your daily routine is scary, bring something that reminds you of home. You can revisit this item whenever you’re struggling, and it will hopefully bring some comfort.

5. Books - Whether you read before bed or sneak in a few minutes during the day, reading a book is a great way to get some quiet time and take your mind off things.

6. Things to Do With Your Family - If you’re dreading figuring out what to do with your family, bring something you enjoy you can all do together. A distraction like a board game might be what you need to ease any tension.

7. Calming Scents - If you’re stressed at a family member’s house, a subtle but potentially effective way to get some peace is to have a scent on hand that calms you down.

8. Journal/Somewhere to Write - Take some time to write down how being with family makes you feel. You might be surprised how good it feels to get everything out on paper.

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